Enhancing chemical mixing through digitalisation

Our client, a leading provider of fragrance and flavour has been mixing chemicals for many years. With technology, most industrial mixing has now been automatised. It can be done on a large scale and at a fast pace. However, rarely used or extremely expensive chemicals are still mixed by hand.

Oratek was asked to develop a new interactive mixing station with the objective of greatly enhancing the efficiency of the operators.


Our team at Oratek has adopted a three steps approach

We have studied the operator’s daily activity over the manual mixing station, to understand the upside and downside of such a step. This high-level analysis was greatly beneficial at understanding where energy should be concentrated.

Blueprint – We have been able to offer a state of the art solution combining existing solution implemented at the factory and the latest wireless technology.

Once the solution has been validated we developed the multiple components needed in electronic and software. We always rely on existing and cost-effective parts, adding to the mix only our knowledge and the tip that does not exist. Such an approach makes us faster and more reliable.


In less than three months, thanks to our multi-skills approach, our team has been able to go from a first meeting to the deployment of a fully functional solution where operators and manager could evaluate the benefit of the solutions.