The Lab

At Oratek, we take great pride, not only in giving you technical solutions but also in making them real. We work on a vast range of projects. We partner with specialized craftsmen in Switzerland when needed, the rest is made in house. And don’t take it wrong, we are not a fablab, we are just very proud of our tools.

3D Printers

We have a great family of 3D printers ready to tackle any situation from 0.5mm to 50um of layer height. We can reply to many needs, going from single piece to small batches of 100 pieces.

Electronic Assembly

Most of our projects include building electronics. We have endured long hours of burning eyes. It was about time to equip ourselves and give the supervised control to robots. We have now the capacity to manufacture small series of SMD electronic boards (up to 250 components per board). We could do more, but we don’t really like doing it.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is too cool to be described. We can cut wood and acrylic up to 10mm thick. Having the capacity in-house, to iterate as fast as multiple time in a day, is a real game changer.

CNC Milling

Small mechanical parts are greatly needed when prototyping and building solutions. We have a great partner for large size manufacturing; but when it comes to iterating through design, we love in house CNC ! We can mill aluminium and soft metals up to 20mm thick.

We have used those manufacturing technics for many projects