3D Printing - Manufacturing

Short Internship (2-3 months)
Oratek is an engineering firm developing full stack solutions for the internet of things. Fast prototyping is in our DNA and we aim to offer you interesting internships combining electrical engineering, software development and rapid prototyping. You get the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience and lead a project from concept to prototype.

In the context of the expansion of the company, multiple manufacturing capabilities need to be integrated. The internship will consist of the setup of a 3D printing farm, with centralised and remote control. A process to characterise filaments (holes size deviation, bed temperature, nozzle temperature, etc..) need to be defined to reduce time to print when using a new filament. Same should be done for the SLA printer and resin. Based on this characterisation, rules for both CAO and slicer software should be programmed to reduce time and friction when printing. The setup and ergonomics of the printer room should also be defined. More manufacturing techniques might be added during the internship such as CNC milling, and laser cutting.