Revolutionising the commodities trading

Our client, a leader in commodity trading active for many years in the Geneva area. When the new generation took over, considering the value of the family business, they realized that improvements could be done. Thus, the communication with the end client has always been the bottleneck of the operator’s efficiency. Indeed, keeping everyone up to date is an enduring task.

Oratek was asked to develop a software solution allowing operators to share information with the end-client automatically, efficiently and fast.


Our team at Oratek has adopted a three steps approach.

We started our journey, by understanding the business of commodities trading; the needs of our client and the needs of the end-client. The importance was to find the sweet spot in between developing a solution complete enough to evaluate the benefits while keeping functionality minimum to leverage the risk.

We have then proposed a two-part solution. The first system would integrate with the company CRM and retrieve specific information that could be shared with the client. The second part is a custom dashboard for the end-client.

The entire solution has been built using the same programming language (JavaScript). The end-client can access the dashboard either from a web browser or the native mobile application (android and ios) and be alerted of any modification.


In less than three months, thanks to our multi-skills approach, our team has been able to go from a first meeting to the deployment of a complete solution (web and app stores). Having data pushed to the end-client was a real game-changer in this industry.