Wireless water consumption monitoring

Our client, a leading company in water-saving has asked Oratek to develop a solution, allowing them to monitor water consumption and temperature wirelessly and for many years.


Our team at Oratek has adopted a three steps approach

The product was not yet completely defined as it should be able to monitor various liquid flow over a various temperature range. We have first studied the plumbing market and the concurrence to understand what has been done and what was missing.

In a second step we have drafted a solution in two components, the first would be the head, and the second one the sensor. Giving full flexibility over the monitored ranged was key.

Finally, we have developed an encapsulated solution based on LoRa (wireless, low power, low bandwidth) technology and battery-powered. The electronics, the firmware, the integration with cloud software and the mechanical enclosure has been developed and prototyped in house.


In less than three months, thanks to our multi-skills approach, our team has been able to go from a first meeting to the delivery of a fully functional product where our client has been able to go further on their journey of saving water!