Taking control over buildings’ heating systems

Our client, a leading company in buildings energy saving has asked Oratek to develop a solution allowing them to take control over the heating systems of any buildings, to feed their predictive algorithm and optimise the energy consumption


Our team at Oratek has adopted a three steps approach

First, we have studied the heating systems, how they work, what controls them, the difference between models and generation, all of it to find out their common ground and leverage on that to take control.

Second, we have proposed a solution leveraging on existing’s electronic component but rearranging them in that didn’t exist.

Finally, we have engineered the solution, building custom electronics, firmware, enclosure. We integrated the solution with wireless communication, and high-level control based on Linux OS, making the solution a real IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) product. It was ready to be shipped to early testers and a few steps away from larger-scale production.


In less than three months, thanks to our multi-skills approach, our team has been able to go from a first meeting to the deployment of a fully functional product where our client has been able to test their disruptive solution.