Join the adventure

Oratek is made of a small team of polyvalent individuals. We are looking for passionate and talented people to join us.  

You can be either in Switzerland or on the other side of the world, if you are passionate about what you do, we want to hear from you.

We also work on various project that could require very specific skills, we love to partnership with freelancer and specialist around the globe, to bring solutions to problems. 


Specialist / Freelancer

Industrial Designer

Project based

Mechanical Engineer

Project based

Nothing for you yet ? Do not hesitate to let us know who you are, and we will contact you as soon as something comes up.


We welcome all (engineering) students to apply either for internships or the program


3D Printing – Manufacturing

Short Internship (2-3 months)

API Development and Integration

Short Internship (2-3 months)

Javascript Based Device Controller

Short Internship (2-3 months)


The program is something we created to help student gain actual experience during their studies. Today even more, universities are not giving students the requirements of the industrial world. We want to change that by making student work on real life project during their studies.

The program can end up by a full time job proposition with the benefit of a soft transition between the academic and industrial world.


The only requirements are passion and perseverance.